“Nenasala Campus” is an educational institution designed to provide systematically accredited higher education under state-level supervision. With an ICTA certificate, you will have the opportunity to study under a panel of recognized faculty who are eligible for a wide range of university entrance courses. We strive to create an institution that can provide education in a free environment using modern computer and language labs and high-speed unlimited internet connections. All courses are conducted under the full supervision of ICTA and recognized universities so you will have an island recognized certificate with unlimited knowledge. Instead of the traditional computer courses, we will give you the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you have learned with on-the-job training at the end of the course.

Our Vision

Creating better future for youth generation with modern education

Our Mission

  • Providing the opportunity to gain university opportunities by creating a modern computer education model.
  • Having a recognized job opportunity with a recognized certificate at all times by conducting only courses approved by ICTA and recognized universities.
  • At the end of each course, you have the opportunity to put into practice what you have the learned through on-the-job training, not just the textbook.
  • Each course is built with links to each other like links in a chain so that complete knowledge can be gained.
  • Always provide extra-curricular knowledge through unlimited practical training session and additional lectures prepared for each course.
  • giving all the students of the island an opportunity to learn by sharing their knowledge in a single forum through the online education teaching pattern.


Access to higher education is the only dream and aspiration of anyone in the world. But for children in many third world countries, including Sri Lanka, this is still a dream. Recognizing this difficulty about 8 years ago, I established the Nenasala Information and Language center with the aim of gifting thousands of universal knowledge to Sri Lanka children. Beginning with the full blessing of the Mahinda Chinthana Policy, we were able to develop into an IT and Language Training center in a very short period of time.

I am sincerely pleased to be able to launch the first phase of the university, “Nenasala Campus”, with the aim of giving the university chance to benefit the rural poor children. You will have the opportunity to study Information Technology, English Language and other higher education under the same experienced faculty. I consider it a privilege to be able to enable anyone across Sri Lanka to study online using the latest technology. I understood that the current pattern of computer education in Sri Lanka will never be sufficient to meet the job requirements of the new market due to the increasing number of job seekers’ campaigns. I am sincerely pleased to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn the latest computer skills at the village level for thousands of children in the country that will win the world tomorrow without allowing such a culture. We invite you to join us on this journey.


Under the full supervision and blessing of ICTA, the Nenasala in Marandagahamula was established on 06.01.2012 to quench the thirst for computer and language knowledge of thousands of children. We have always provided the contents of the courses offered at the reputed universities in the city at a very reasonable cost for the poor children who are unable to afford computer education at a high cost. The fact that we have more than 8000 students around us is a testament to the success of our vision.


Reviving the concept of his excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, we were able to bring universal knowledge to the villages and from there we were able to spread computer higher education in the school system through various lectures. Always trying to deviate from the traditional education pattern, we sharpened the practical knowledge of the children through co-curricular activities. Professionals from all over the island testify to its success.


In collaboration with other partner educational institutions and universities, we were able to bring universal knowledge to the village by providing the opportunity to study those courses within our own institution. We did not stop there, introducing a suitable English course for every computer course and removing the barriers the computer learning. This allowed many students to continue their education online without any fear even after completing the course.


We were always behind the student and monitored their level of education so we were able to get high recognition for each course at both public and private levels. We always strive to provide knowledge beyond the subject through exhibitions, competitions, field trips, lectures, and workshops. for that reason, we are happy to say that more than 8000 students from all over the island rallied around us and all of them gathered around us through trust and recommendations.